Rebecca, Nico, Jonah and Miró

Miró, our jack russell mix, had been the baby of the family for the past 5 years, until our son was born. Everything was peaches and cream until one day, 10 months later, our dog suddenly bit our son, seemingly out of the blue for us, which is why we called upon Heather for help. She taught us something we had never thought about before and for which we will be forever thankful to her: you don’t only have to protect the baby from the dog, but the dog from the baby aswell. We learned how to respect Miró’s space, his “place” in the family and also how to interpret the signs he shows to make himself understood (no matter how “small” those signs of “hey I have had enought” are). Ever since, the situation has not repeated and our son and dog live happily together again.